Using EPS Geofoam to Reduce Weight in Utilities

Many utilities including underground pipes, tunnels and heaters require a structural fill to protect them from external compression and for insulation purposes. A lightweight fill material like geofoam blocks is an appealing choice for construction projects that have buried utilities for multiple reasons. Not only is it sturdy and can take high compression rates, it is light enough so that it does not add any additional load on buried utilities that are often not designed to have weight placed on them. Additionally, the lightweight EPS material allows it to be an extremely efficient form of insulation. It helps to protect against fluctuating temperatures so that the utilities can function properly without interruption.

Some construction site managers are forced to move or upgrade utilities because of the fact that they are not designed to have additional loads placed on them. Instead of going this route, you can save money by using ultra-lightweight EPS geofoam. Aside from being ideal for covering and protecting of underground utilities, the EPS distributes weight evenly around the piping or utility lines and reduces the amount of pressure and force on the ground. It reduces the vertical stress on pipes and other sensitive utilities. This reduction in weight on top of the utility lines will prevent potential issues like collapses. It works to protect buried structures and utilities from potential ruptures that are often caused by ground deformation.

Aside from its lightweight property that makes it the preferred material to protect buried utilities, foam blocks are easy to shape and handle. This factor is highly relevant when installing geofoam around buried utilities that often have all types of shapes, sizes and angles. Geofoam International can work with you to customize the shapes and sizes of the geofoam blocks you use to cover your utilities. We’ll provide high-density foam blocks that fit the exact dimensions required in your next project.

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