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Lightweight Structural Fill Material for Weight Reduction & Slope Stabalization

One of the most attractive attributes to using EPS geofoam blocks is its lightweight structural fill material. Its weight is approximately 1 percent of the weight of soil, yet these high-density foam blocks are just as sturdy, if not more sturdy than traditional fill materials thanks to its high compression rate and compressive strength. When it comes to construction, a lighter weight fill material alternative like foam blocks can make all the difference.

By incorporating geofoam, the lateral loads on building foundations and retaining walls is significantly reduced. EPS foam blocks are also ideal for slope stabilization because its lower weight alleviates the weight of a slope’s driving block. For buried utilities that require a fill material, geofoam blocks are often used because they don’t place an additional load on the utilities that are not designed to have extra weight on them.

EPS structural foam can be used to create topography without adding significant load to the underlying structures and services. Things like roof gardens are extremely popular today and the underlying material to create a living roof like this is often an EPS foam product below soil. Things like golf courses, bridge abutments, ramp structures, embankments and even parks are created using EPS Geofoam as a lightweight fill material to achieve the desired elevations and shapes of the land. In addition to flexibility, EPS geofoam provides additional insulation to any roofing structure it is used on as well.

Aside from reducing the actual load on structures, geofoam’s lightweight property makes it a highly cost-effective option. It’s easy to handle and move, which helps cut down on labor resources and construction timelines.

For those that are new to using geofoam, it is important to understand that although the fill material is extremely light it weight, it is still extremely durable. It is designed from extruded or expanded polystyrene plastic and can handle high compression that comes with supporting roads, buildings, bridges and landscape structures. For more details on how geofoam gets to be so light, check out the EPS manufacturing process.

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