EPS Geofoam in Side Hill Construction

The use of EPS Geofoam on a side hill project is common practice and has been used for years and there’s a reason it is such a popular choice in this application. For one, the closed-cell structure of EPS foam allows it to be very moisture-resistant which is extremely relevant given the surrounding soil terrain of hills. When water and moisture can’t penetrate fill material, the foam block is able to last longer and fully function as a support.

Popular Choice

Another reason why geofoam is a go-to option for constructing side hills is that these foam blocks can be custom-shaped and stacked to fit the geometries of the hill. This gives more flexibility for project managers and workers to form a side hill that is exactly fit to the environment. Ultimately, this means the fill material can reach its full support potential. Additionally, it can withstand high compression factors surrounding it.

Lightweight Property

One major benefit of geofoam is its lightweight property which translate to a reduction of weight in structures. In the case of side hill projects, the lighter the fill, the better. The reduction of weight and pressure against the side of the hill is used to prevent landslides, and stabilize the hill side. The lack of increased weight on the side of the hill allows for a safer, more stable road construction project.

As a rule of thumb, geofoam is up to 100 times lighter than other traditional fills with similar compressive strengths. It can bear more capacity than most traditional fill materials as well, making it a solid option for hill construction.

High Quality Materials & Services

Geofoam International has helped landscaping engineers and architects and construction project managers with all types of side hill construction projects. We’ve provided only the highest quality fill material and geofoam construction services to ensure that side hills are properly formed and can provide a solid foundation.

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