How EPS Geofoam Is Transforming the Construction Industry

The versatility, flexibility, convenience and efficiencies EPS geofoam has brought to multiple construction applications has helped to transform the industry in many different aspects. Not only has it acted as a superior alternative fill material, but its physical properties and attributes have also helped pave the way to innovation and enabled architects, construction contractors, builders, engineers and landscape designers to keep up with the latest trends within their respective industries. Here are 5 ways EPS geofoam is transforming the construction industry.


Geofoam is the Go-to Lightweight Fill


Many different applications call for fill material that is durable and supportive. For example, traditional lightweight materials that have been used in embankment construction include sawdust, seashells and cellular concrete. In order to reduce strain on surrounding environments, engineers have turned to lightweight-fill materials as a solution. Geofoam has become an increasingly popular choice of fill material thanks to its lightweight properties and other appealing convenience factors.


According to the EPS Alliance IndustryEPS structural foam has an advantage over other fill material used in embankments because it is up to 50 times lighter than traditional fill materials. It has a low density of approximately 2 percent of soil and rock, which lowers the overall stress on settlements. Its extreme lightweight characteristic can help reduce labor and minimize future maintenance, allowing for a faster construction schedule.


Not only is geofoam ultra-lightweight, it has a high compressive strength and low moisture absorption rate, making it fit to endure long-term wear and tear and compression.


Geofoam is the Answer to Environment Friendly Construction Trends


Building and creating structures and buildings that are energy efficient as well as environmentally conscious is a growing trend within the construction industry. And EPS geofoam has been a viable solution to match the demands of the market. Not only is it 100% recyclable, it is also an extremely efficient thermal insulator. It is nearly 100% air by volume and has a specific stiffness and compressive strength that allows it to protect against fluctuating temperatures.


Heating and cooling insulation is relevant to all types of applications, including residential homes, airfield pavements, refrigerated storage buildings and sports arenas. EPS geofoam’s lower density allows it to achieve higher R-values which are preferred when it comes to optimizing insulation and circulation. It is able to better hold temperatures at a more stable rate than other insulation materials, thus saving on energy costs.


Geofoam Provides a Money-Saving Solution


Geofoam has been a savior for those in the construction industry because it is a money-saving solution. Not only is it cost-effective in a sense that it saves on energy costs, but it also saves costs in other ways as well. According to Civil + Structural Engineer, EPS geofoam has been projected to save as much as 75 percent on total costs of construction when it comes to constructing traditional concrete walls. Its dimensions and lightweight properties allow it to easily be transported which helps cut time and resources used to transport it. Additionally, because engineers and builders can place materials like shotcrete, gunite and soil directly against geofoam, costs traditionally needed to form these foundations gets eliminated.


Geofoam Maximizes Construction Efficiency


The flexibility that EPS geofoam offers has paved the way to maximum construction efficiency. Construction workers are able to install foam blocks in just about any type of weather condition. At the same time, custom geofoam blocks can be used to fit within all different types of applications, easily. This flexibility alone helps to address tight construction schedules.


Geofoam as a fill material has also already been certified with many government subsidiaries, thus alleviating any bottlenecks that may occur along the construction process. While other construction material may require approval to use before application, geofoam blocks have been manufactured to specific legal standards such as the ASTM International D 6817, Standard Specification for Rigid Cellular Polystyrene Geofoam.


EPS Geofoam Expands Construction Possibilities 


EPS geofoam is proving to be a highly useful, multi-purpose construction material because of its lightweight, low-density physical properties, along with its high compression rate and the maximum flexibility and efficiency it creates for architects, engineers and builders. It is used in so many different applications including road embankments, insulation, stadium seating and slope stabilization among many others. It acts as an innovative fill material that can protect against damage caused earthquake shocks, extreme temperatures, and external factors and pressures and can dampen noise and vibration.


Some of the most recent geofoam applications have significantly expanded the possibilities within the construction industry. EPS blocks are being used to build pool decks at luxury residences because it is easy to form together custom cut sizes for the desired design in mind. Massive theaters are using geofoam blocks more and more to build stadium seating. The foam allows architects to customize seating as well as account for stadium sound reverberation. Construction using geofoam outside of roadways and embankments and stadiums has also been applied to schools, kitchens, hospitals and hotels.


EPS Geofoam Continues to Expand and Transform within the Construction Industry



Geofoam installation is increasingly being used to build luxury pools.The benefits of using geofoam are countless. With physical properties, cost-effective perks and the flexibility EPS blocks allow for, it’s no wonder why geofoam is transforming the construction industry. Nearly every type and form of construction project stand to benefit from geofoam in some form or another.


Whether you’re creating new ground and building from scratch or expanding upon an existing site, let Geofoam International help you with all your EPS foam block needs. We can manufacture and custom cut blocks that fit the exact needs of your project and offer all the great benefits that come with using geofoam blocks. For your next project, Geofoam International is here to make your foam block construction vision a reality, and also help you maximize your efficiencies in terms of labor, cost and the quality.

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