Geofoam International Paves Way for New Territory at Live Grandscape

Geofoam International is bringing foam block construction to the new Live Grandscape, Dallas Fort Worth’s newest luxury residential complex. Once complete, the Live Grandscape will join the ranks as one of the world’s largest mixed-used real estate developments. Geofoam International will be integral to completing this massive buildout that will span across more than 400 acres of land in the Dallas, Texas area—which means the project will live up to the Lone Star State’s “everything’s bigger in Texas” reputation.

With move-in dates slated for 2020, 345 units will be on the market in the Live Grandscape’s first phase of opening. The luxury residence will include a mix of studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments along with two penthouse suites. Construction is already well underway, with MAA Architects leading the buildout and Geofoam International providing the construction materials to build and expand the infrastructure of the 419,000-square-foot complex.

The Live Grandscape project has scoped out 25 truckloads full of EPS geofoam blocks provided by Geofoam International. The large-scale order will primarily use Geofoam’s EPS 15 product which has a 14.4 lb/ft3 density, compressive resistance strengths ranging from 3.6 – 10.2 psi and flexural strength of 25 psi. What sets EPS geofoam apart from other building foundation material is its impressive and flexible properties. The foam is 100 times lighter than other fill materials like soil which makes work production extremely efficient for construction engineers and builders.

As the Grandscape expands it will include more than 3.9 million square feet of retail, entertainment, and residential space as well as first-in-market dining and other attractions. It will also include a hotel and spa and an outdoor lawn and stage. With so many different uses it has to offer and endless opportunities the space will create, the Live Grandscape is set up for a successful opening. This is a truly ground-breaking project for Geofoam International to be a part of and sheds light on the growing popularity of foam block construction.

“It’s extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to provide our foam block products and services to the Live Grandscape buildout. This large-scale production is something we continue to strive for as a company and hope to continue our partnership with Live Grandscape and the construction team as it moves along its construction phases and expands even more,” said president of Geofoam International, Taylor Moson.

The mixed-use real estate complex will benefit greatly from the foam block construction due to the many favorable properties EPS geofoam holds. The material allows the building to be highly energy efficient due to dynamic thermo-insulation qualities. Additionally, residents and visitors will appreciate the unique structures within the complex that are made possible with the custom geofoam blocks. Last, but not least, geofoam blocks are built to last and endure the test of time. The fill material’s compressive strength is unrivaled and allows it to withstand the pressure, wear and tear that naturally occurs in these types of buildings.

For more information on how EPS foam can be applied in your next project check out Geofoam International’s foam block applications.

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