From Time to Cost Savings, Here Are 5 Reasons Contractors Need EPS Geofoam for Their Next Project

For your next construction project, what type of fill material will you be using? Whether you’re expanding roads, creating landscapes or bridges, or building a commercial property, fill material is almost definitely in the mix. Choosing between traditional fill material like soil, rocks and concrete or a lightweight alternative like expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam blocks should be an easy choice. Geofoam block construction is on the rise due to the great value it brings to contractors and construction workers. Let us supply you with geofoam for your next construction project. From time to cost savings, here are 5 reasons you should be using EPS geofoam for your next construction project.

1. Reduced Labor

Working with EPS foam blocks can reduce labor cost, time and efforts in a multitude of different ways. This fill material is approximately 1% the weight of soil and overall is less than 10% of the weight of other lightweight fill materials, and because of this extremely lightweight property, it is able to directly impact the need for labor. Manual labor that is needed to actually put the geofoam in place is reduced both in terms of effort and time. Lifting and maneuvering lightweight foam blocks is much easier for construction workers, which benefits both their physical well-being, reducing potential injuries from occurring. Additionally, site workers are able to install material quicker because mobility is increased.

2. Increased Flexibility

EPS foam blocks have become a go-to option for fill material because of their customizability factor. They can easily be shaped to fit very specific geometries of surrounding environments. For example, when geofoam is used to build specific landscapes or insulated foundations such as gardens, greenhouses and pools, each block can be formed to fit the overall intended structure of the project. The physical properties of geofoam block also play into effect in the realm of flexibility because the material can easily adapt to outside conditions including weather. It holds thermodynamic properties that help to withstand moisture and harsh weather conditions and prevent damage to the infrastructures it supports. EPS foam blocks also are great insulators because they keep temperatures stable within building structures. This fill material is truly adaptable and flexible in so many different contexts, proving its value to construction contractors.


3. Accelerated Construction

Geofoam has the ability to speed up production timelines because its application shaves off unnecessary time that other traditional fill materials require to be transported and installed. Even the initial transportation time of geofoam is pared down. It can be stacked in fewer truckloads because it is lighter and trucks can move to and from the warehouse to the construction site at faster rate because it takes less time to load and unload. Once geofoam is onsite and ready to be installed, it’s easy to move around and place into different foundations and takes less time to install compared to heavier materials like concreate and rocks.

4. Better Reliability

The physical properties of geofoam allow for it to withstand high compression rates which make it more durable over time. Compared to traditional fill material like soil that degrades in integrity and tends to absorb more moisture as time goes on, geofoam is more reliable as a fill material. Geofoam has the ability to reduce lateral loads which prolongs the lifespan of all different types of structures. To add, the fact that it is lightweight allows it to add no significant pressure on surrounding structures.

5. Decreased Overall Construction Costs

Going with foam block construction can significantly reduce overall costs on your next project. It makes the installation and building process smoother which directly decreases labor time and costs. Furthermore, it creates the foundation for a more durable structure that does not require continued maintenance many other fill materials will need over time. With geofoam blocks as a fill material, you can eliminate extra resources including tools, trucks and gas needed to move around fill materials—all of which can add up. The unique construction option provides more convenience overall and saves time and money.

For more information on how you can use geofoam block construction in your next project, look to Geofoam International and see for yourself how much more value EPS foam block holds.

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