NEW 5,000 Seat Monte Carlo Theater Renovation Project in Sin City

Throughout the years of seemingly endless construction on the Las Vegas Strip, one major material has been used in almost every project that may surprise you… We are talking about FOAM. Not the Styrofoam cups or packaging material that most of us identify with; but rather the high density expanded polystyrene foam material used by construction professionals in all types of projects from road construction to stadium seating! (Yes, many of the columns, structures and pillars you see on the strip today are actually made of foam and coated with a hard, concrete-like coating). That being said, the upcoming renovation/addition project at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino on the world famous Las Vegas Strip will add one more structure to its long list of projects that incorporate Expanded Polystyrene Geofoam.

The Monte Carlo Resort and Casino has been a staple on the strip since the mid 1990’s.  Owned and operated by MGM Resorts International, this family friendly resort sits on 44 acres and offers all the attraction/amenities required to maintain a successful Las Vegas resort.  In recent years a plan was developed by MGM to transform the resort and casino, starting with the remodel and expansion of their existing theater to a new 5,000 seat concert venue.  Coinciding with the construction and opening of MGM’s new T-Mobile arena right next door (see photo below), the concert venue will be an integral part of Monte Carlo’s rebranding effort. Plans were released that included foam as the basis of design for the tiered seating platforms for the purpose of saving time and money. These are some of the same reasons that many commercial Cinema Exhibitors are using foam today to build their stadium seating riser platforms.


Expected to open in April 2016, the Monte Carlo’s new theater and concert venue will exceed expectations on every front.  Next year when you find yourself with a few hours to spare at a work conference, or perhaps wandering the strip in search of the perfect blackjack table, stop by and enjoy an event.

With an established track record and multiple ongoing projects in the Las Vegas area, Stadium Seating Enterprises, Inc. is the world leader in Prefabricated Geofoam Stadium Riser Systems for clients across the United States including, but not limited to: Cinemark USA, Regal, AMC, Cinepolis, IPIC, Silverspot, Santikos, Marcus, and many more. For information about the Geofoam or type of stadium riser system that was used at the Monte Carlo Theater or for your future cinema project, please contact Taylor Moson @ (844)-PREFOAM (844-776-3676).


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