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EPS Structural Foam Foundation Blocks

Geofoam foundation blocks are an excellent & affordable solution for creating building foundations. Contact Geofoam International today for a free quote.

Among the many different geofoam applications, structural foundations are one of the most common and practical. Foam foundation blocks (expanded polystyrene) serve as a great core material for building foundations because of their durability, efficiency and low cost. Save money on your next project by requesting a quote for EPS blocks from Geofoam International.

EPS geofoam can be used as a compensating foundation to reduce the load on underlying compressible soils and minimize building settlement along with potential bearing capacity problems. Existing soil is excavated to reduce the net applied load to the soil by the new structure. If the amount of soil excavated equals the full weight or stress applied by the new structure, the foundation is called “floating” or “fully compensating.”

Many construction managers and building architects will choose EPS foam blocks as their go-to fill material because of the material’s ideal physical properties. Structural foam is a core building material because of its density and compressive strength. Foam insulation is also extremely lightweight, a characteristic that not only makes it easy to manage, but also helps cut costs by limiting the labor and resources needed for installation. At the same time, the closed cell structure of foam blocks creates moisture resistance resulting in strong, durable fill material that can withstand the test of time as opposed to concrete foundation. Flexibility is another major benefit of EPS geofoam blocks. Since all buildings have different angles and dimensions, custom geofoam blocks have an advantage over other fill material because they can be cut and shaped to specific measurements and densities.

Foam blocks are the perfect option for building foundation construction. They beat out traditional foundation materials because of their high compressive resistance factor. Contact a representative today to learn more about how Geofoam provides energy-efficiency, cost reduction and time-saving advantages.

Geofoam International is here to help you obtain the most reliable and cost-effective fill material. For more examples of our work and utilizing EPS geofoam, click here to view projects. We have custom-made EPS foam blocks for sale and provide construction services that cater to your next project. For more information on how you can incorporate geofoam blocks within your building foundation, connect with Geofoam International—we’re here to provide you with all your geofoam needs.

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